Natural snack

Produced without GMO, without gluten, without soy, without preservatives

European standard

The product is grown and produced according to European quality standards

30% less calories

Roasted corn and beans are 30% less calories than roasted peanuts and 20% less calories than roasted seeds

Healthy snack

Crispy corn is very healthy and easily assimilated by children and adults

Кукурузные снеки Paco Pablo

Сделано в Казахстане

Кукурузные снеки Paco Pablo

Натуральный продукт

Кукурузные снеки Paco Pablo

Удобная фасовка по 50 г

MasterSnack – makes an impression!

Work with us


We sell you products at a wholesale price, with a minimum order quantity of 1 box (20 to 40 packages depending on grammage)


The products are produced in Spain since 1932 and comply with the European quality standarts.

Working conditions

Acceptance of applications on-line 24 hours a per day;
Deliveri next day from 0:00 to 18:00;
In Almaty city, delivery is free.


Ability to choose all tastes of one grammage in one box. Snacks are sold in boxes: 35 g - 40 pcs., 50 g - 36 pcs., 90 g - 20 pcs. in the box. 

We will delivery to you the products after payment during 24 hours order and deliver Corn

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